Magic Room

The Establishment of Professional Classroom for Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy

In most western countries, the development of passive exercise in health improvement has been going on for many years. Aromatherapy and massage therapy have been widely applied to health and disease related treatments. Studies show that aromatherapy and massage therapy can relieve pressure, ease pain, calm anxiety and depression, improve sleeping quality, decrease nausea, and so on. They not only help to promote the quality of life and productivity, but also reduce the consumption of medical resources. In some western countries, there are complete education and certification systems of the health care and relaxation therapy through massage and through the effect that essential oil has on our sense of smell and nerves. Moreover, massage helps flush the system of blockage to allow more oxygen. In our mid- and long-term plans, we would like to educate students to become professional trainers in traditional health care treatments.

This classroom is going to be the first professional classroom for aromatherapy and massage therapy nation-wide, providing a more scientific and objective environment for students pursuing the profession. In addition to complying with the competence-based education policy of the Ministry of Education, we provide students with more practical skills and abilities to keep up with the international trends. We educate students to become professionals in high quality aromatherapy and massage therapy for not only the local but the global demands, and hope to thus reach the development goal of NTCN, and to have more cooperation with the industries.