About International Sport Science Master’s Program


About International Sport Science Master’s Program

Goals and Objectives

The mission of the International Sport Science Master’s Program is to provide excellent research and teaching in sports science in order to promote and develop the health and well-being of people. This master’s program focuses on providing innovative knowledge or idea in a wide range area including sports nutrition, exercise physiology, exercise psychology and sports medicine. You will find the Sport Science Master’s Program to be a vibrant and welcoming learning environment.

Degree Requirement

  • Total Credits(30): minimum 24 credits plus 6 thesis credits

Scholarship Application

  1. Taiwan Scholarship: Application forms and relevant documents must be submitted to R.O.C. (Taiwan) Embassy or Representative Office before March 31st. ( https://goo.gl/bzj72L)
  2. NTUNHS Scholarship and non-scholarship applicants: Application forms and relevant materials must be submitted to the Office of International Affairs Division, NTUNHS before April 30. ( http://goo.gl/4VuynY)