About Us

Department of Exercise and Health Science was founded to educate students to become professionals in exercise and health science related fields and to meet the needs listed below.

1. To Follow the Social Change:

(1) The system of 5 day work week: Since the adoption of 5 day work week system in Taiwan, health and recreation related industries are becoming more and more prosperous; as a result, the demand for professionals in these industries is expected to increase, and therefore it is essential to have a program providing such education.

(2) Aging Population: With the rise in medical qualities, decrease in birth rate and development of social economy, the population over age 65 is increasing, which leads to a high output value in the market of the elderly. Therefore, as the senior health care industry booms, the demand for professionals in senior sports instruction and health care is to grow.

(3) The variety of medical treatment and health care: Because of the outspread access to education and internet, people understand more about alternative medicine, and also have more autonomy over medical treatment choices when it comes to a non-urgent injury or rehabilitation. Since alternative medicine has gained popularity in the early 21st century, Department of Exercise and Health Science also aims to provide students with related education.

2. To keep with the College Founding Principle of All-Aspect Health Care:

NTUNHS has always been moving forward to becoming a professional health technology university, and provides education in all aspects of health care with already existing schools and institutes — School of Nursing, Department of Health Care Management, Department of Infant and Child Care, Graduate Institute of Health Allied Education, Graduate Institute of Long Term Care, Graduate Institute of Nurse-Midwifery, Graduate Institute of Tourism and Health Science, and Graduate Institute of Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Nursing. On top of that, Department of Exercise and Health Science was founded to advocate the effect of exercise on health progress and disease prevention, and also to provide choices of alternative medicine in both Chinese and Western medical aspects.

3. The Need in Medical Care System

The goal of medical care is to reach the quality of holistic care. If the existing clinical nursing staff can be trained in professional exercise and health care, they will be able to provide the patients and the family members with better nursing services; such as giving exercise prescriptions for chronic disease, providing effective hand therapy and teaching the patients about proper foot reflexology.

4. International Trend:

It is an international trend to build a sound environment for exercise and health science, in order to educate the future professionals in exercise and health science and to stay on the international track. In addition, if the health related physical fitness and the prevalence rate of exercise of all citizens meet the international standard, then we can expect a stronger nation, a lower medication cost in the society, and a better life for everyone.

Development Priority

1. Educate future professionals in exercise and health science

(1) To obtain the professional knowledge in both exercise and health care

(2) To have not only the abilities to do research but also the practical skills

2. Popularize the knowledge of exercise and health science

(1) Provide training of extension education

(2) Conduct research and development on the methods and skills of popularizing exercise and health science

Special Features 

1. On educating the students:

We would like to educate our students to be professionals in exercise and health science; to have the ability of obtaining certificates and understanding the local and global trends. We have established the development plan for students according to the national and social needs, which states the requirements and missions for the students that graduate from our department.

2. On teaching:

We have built an electronic learning environment and encouraged our faculty members to be creative in their teaching and research methods. We aim to reach the goal of lifelong learning, and have developed course programs of professional health promotion.

3. On academic research:

Our research programs focus on exercise and health science, and emphasize the cooperation among faculty members as well as professional executions. In the recent years we have integrated the research resources in NTUNHS, co-worked with National Science Council and conducted some industry-academy cooperation research programs. We are now working on research programs such as “Special Feature Development”, “Teaching Quality Promotion” and “Practical Skills Promotion for Faculty Members.”